AAC: Academic Advising Center
ADA:  Americans with Disabilities Act
AI: Advantage Iowa
ARC:  Academic Resource Center
ARH: Associated Residence Halls
AS&R: Academic Support & Retention
CCOM: Carver College of Medicine
CIAE: Center for Inclusive Academic Excellence
CLEP: College-Level Examination Program
DOS: Dean of Students
FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid
FERPA:  Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
FSL:  Fraternity and Sorority Life
GA: Graduate Assistant
Gen Ed: General Education
GPA: Grade Point Average
ISSS: International Student and Scholar Services
LLC: Living-learning community
P/N: Pass/No Pass
RA: Residence Assistant or Research Assistant, depending on the context
SDS: Student Disability Services
SHW: Student Health and Wellness
s.h.: Semester hours
SI: Supplemental Instruction
TA: Teaching Assistant
Tippie: Shortened name for the Tippie College of Business
TRIO SSS:  TRIO Student Support Services
UCS:  University Counseling Service
UI:  The University of Iowa
UIOWA: The University of Iowa
UISG: University of Iowa Student Government
WRAC: Women’s Resource & Action Center