Brigitte Ledferd

1st Year HESA Graduate Intern

Brigitte Ledferd is a Graduate Intern with Learning at Iowa and Academic Support & Retention (AS&R) at the University of Iowa. Brigitte is also currently enrolled in the Higher Education and Student Affairs MA program (HESA). Brigitte works with campus partners and student groups to teach the three M’s of Learning at Iowa. She also focuses on assisting students in the Learning about Learning course by providing feedback on their metacognition journals. Brigitte also serves as a primary contact for Resident Assistants as questions of best practice arise. Brigitte graduated from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF) in May of 2023 with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Criminology. During her undergraduate career, Brigitte worked as a Resident Assistant for three years and served as the UWRF 84th Session Student Government Association President. Brigitte is passionate about student advocacy and equity in higher education.

Brigitte eventually hopes to work in a position where she will continue her advocacy for eliminating equity barriers for students. Brigitte hopes to empower students to feel confident both in their academic preparation and professional development.